Festival Summer Venue

Signal Hill Ranch

Center-Stage Concerts in the summer are held at Signal Hill Ranch, high above the Methow Valley floor, halfway between Winthrop and Twisp. Concert-goers should arrive early to enjoy a gourmet tasting menu as well as local beers and wines with their friends on the manicured lawn surrounding the barn before the concert.


Our performance venue at Signal Hill Ranch sits high in a pasture overlooking the mountainous Methow Valley.photo credit: Mike Real

Panoramic Views

If you haven't tried our new venue at the ranch, come experience the breathtaking views and incredible sounds, all framed by the snow-capped Cascade Mountains. Directions

Cars parked at sunset with a view of the mountains.photo credit: Teri Pieper


A large, lighted parking area with a handicapped drop-off zone and generous turn-around space accommodates plenty of vehicles.


The soaring ceiling at Signal Hill Ranch contributes to great acoustics.photo credit: Inga White

Soaring Ceiling

The soaring 35-ft. ceiling above the main stage at Signal Hill Ranch facilitates a beautiful, lingering resonance that is the hallmark of a well-designed classical chamber music hall. You can see yellow acoustic reflectors on both sides of the stage. The big white canvas is a specially-designed reflector fabric, tuned to give the audience a brilliant first pop of sound before the reverberations.

The audience sits in anticipation of the concert.photo credit: Inga White

Hard-Packed Floor

The hard-packed, crushed-rock floor and the big barn doors (open in good weather) give the theater a rustic, yet intimate, feeling that understates the considerable acoustic and mechanical engineering that went into this beautiful structure. The theater comfortably seats 200 concert-goers.


The audience relaxes outside on a grassy lawn.photo credit: Steve Mitchell

Grassy Lawn

The main stage building is surrounded by 8000 sq. feet of green, manicured lawn perfect for socializing with your friends and neighbors before the show. The grounds open an hour and a half before each main-stage performance.

People getting food and drink at the Ice House on a hot day.photo credit: Teri Pieper

Ice House

On a hot summer afternoon, what better thing could you do than relax in the shade while you enjoy a cool beverage from a real Texas Ice House?

The fire pit is surrounded by enthusiasic music lovers after a late-night performance.photo credit: Teri Pieper

Fire Pit

After the show, excited fans gather around the firepit to meet the artists, share a laugh, and hear stories of their travels.