Oliver's Food at the Festival

A beautiful salad being annointed with pure olive oil.Consider arriving early to enjoy a gourmet boxed dinner and perhaps a bit of local wine or cider dispensed at the Festival’s popular Ice House, where the food and libations begin to flow at 6:00 pm each concert evening.

This year, imaginative and flavorful fare will be provided by Oliver’s Farm to Fork Café, a family enterprise founded in Winthrop on December 3, 2016. Long-time resident, Vicky Malone, and daughters Molly and Megan are the cooks and lively personalities behind the counter, while son Jonathon handles deliveries and makes potstickers.  Father Steve grows the strawberries and raspberries found in Oliver’s unparalleled summer desserts.

Oliver’s restaurant menu features soups, quiches, crepes, lettuce cups, sandwiches, salads, and more. The Festival choices will be calculated to surprise and delight!

A beautiful salad being annointed with pure olive oil.The audience at Signal Hill Ranch enjoying dinner on the grounds before a concert.