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Fellowship quartet full schedule

Three beautiful cocktails at the Copper GlanceBeautiful cocktails at the Copper Glance

The Daana Quartet, a student ensemble at the University of Washington, holds a unique position at the University—a group of touring artists who perform in local schools and throughout the community. Known as the UW Music Link Program, the touring program is in its inaugural season, training artists to create educational curricula and concerts for performance in venues throughout the area.

Mentored by world-renowned music and education faculty at the university and by touring artists who perform in the UW World Series, the Daana Quartet has taken their educational performances to public schools throughout the Seattle area. As winners of the 2015 UW Chamber Music Competition, the Daana Quartet will be the official scholarship ensemble representing the UW School of Music on- and off-campus for the 2015–16 year.

The quartet will perform four times during our Festival here in Winthrop under the name of "Fellowship Quartet," so named in honor of the Betti Foundation Fellowship Grant that makes their performances possible. These are free performances, open to the public.

  • 7/24 5:30 pm | Mazama Store
  • 7/24 8:00 pm | Copper Glance in Winthrop
  • 7/27 5:00 pm | Sun Mountain Lodge
  • 7/29 5:15 pm | Shafer Museum in Winthrop
Asparagus with sliced meat and bread at the Copper GlanceFood at the Copper Glance

Copper Glance is a petit lounge bar in Winthrop, Washington, offering creative classic cocktails and delicious small plates alongside a selection of carefully procured beers & wines.

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